DIY Mama: Headscarves and Heartbeats

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetNow that I am practicing new knitting techniques, I can’t stop making these knitted head twist turbans. I’m also trying out different size knits and lengths. The chunky wool knits are so warm for winter! Some lucky friends will be receiving these as presents this year.

The second topic of discussion for today is our midwife visit yesterday! We had our monthly checkup, and I am finally graduating to an appointment every two weeks versus the four that I have done thus far! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. We began receiving baby gifts in the mail, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the family and friends that are so thoughtful.

Here is a recording of the heartbeat (I do this during every appointment that Chris can’t make it to, so he can still be a part of it). Our little bean’s heartbeat is still strong as ever, and Jerri (the midwife) even said that our baby is already an overachiever! Jedi status already.

Every morning, my belly button pops out a little more, and I get more and more excited to meet you!


DIY Mama: Dreamcatcher for Baby

Baby's Dreamcatcher

I have been into making dreamcatchers lately: working with string, yarn, wool, etc. and beads has become particularly satisfying. However, I wanted to make a dreamcatcher for the baby, specifically, because my dreamcatchers were some of my favorite and most prized possessions as a child. In this one, the glass beads shimmer in the light, the feathers sway in each passing wind, and I have placed a small piece of sea glass in the middle of the dreamcatcher to signify the birthplace of our new journey together.

New journeys:

Many new avenues are opening up in my life right now: I am going to be a mother (first time) in a few short months, I am opening up new creative avenues for myself and business, and I am adapting to a new lifestyle in New England.

I will be posting my creations, as I am working on something every day, as well as updating those of you who want to keep tabs on my weekly new-baby adventures. This blog will be filled with creative mutterings, existential questions, lots of DIY projects, as well as baby-momma progress reports—amongst other possible outlets of release.