DIY Mama: Felt Petal Pillow with Upcycled Sweater

Now that we’ve moved into our new apartment, and things are beginning to come together, I have been on an accent pillow kick. Whether or not this is going to come back and bite me is still up for debate, but I am at least having fun in the meantime! I’ve had an old cable knit sweater that I used to wear all the time, but sadly have not worn in years—it was just old, kind of sad, and tattered. I saved it in the hopes that one day I would bring it back to life again in another, happier form. A few felt squares were laying around in my fabric stash, and I thought they would make a perfect pairing to the sweater—so many textures! I now present to you, in all its rebirth and glory, my favorite old cable knit sweater:


A few pops of color and snips of the scissors, and we now have our blooming Springtime pillow to cuddle up with on the couch.


DIY Mama: Organic Cotton Drool Pads for the Ergo

Ferryn Maia 6 weeksWhew, has it been awhile since I’ve posted on here, or what?! We’ve been busy bees here in Portland—getting to know our beautiful, spirited, Goddess of Spring, Ferryn Maia and moving into a new apartment has been a rush. Change has brought (and still is bringing) much-needed refreshing cleansing on all fronts to make room for new journeys.

In other news: I have re-visited my sewing machine! My sister-in-law (technically or not, that’s what you are, Hope <3) asked if I would make my adorable niece some drool pads for their Ergo carrier—Vi is at the age where everything must go in her mouth. I finally got around to finishing them last night, and I am so excited about how they turned out! The pattern and planning took me much longer to work out than I expected, but once I figured out the first one, I streamlined the second.

My goal was to make her a set of reversible pads, using organic cotton and batting, with reversible snaps. This project was so fun to figure out, especially because I had never used snaps before on any project, less make them reversible. I can see myself making more in the future, or at least putting up the pattern (and DIY tutorial?) for other crafty mamas to use. I am thinking of adding on a ribbon loop or two next time to enable toys or pocket-carry books to be hooked onto the straps. Any other add-ons or improvements?

IMG_3117 IMG_3118 IMG_3119 IMG_3123 IMG_3120 IMG_3121

DIY Mama: Changing Pad

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

It’s less than a month before the baby arrives, and I couldn’t be nesting any harder right now. I finally got around to making the changing pad. This tutorial and pattern was SO easy to follow, and she gives you two different options. I really liked how small the clutch closed up, so I followed that pattern, but I also wanted a handle, so I added it onto the clutch. It was my first time using bias tape, but it honestly wasn’t as intimidating as I had expected (hence why I put off this project for so long). It turned out great, however, and I am so very excited to use it! The side pockets are a perfect size for one cloth diaper each. The disposable diapers should be here any day now, and I’ll see how many fit in each pocket and update. This is the perfect, basic changing pad, and it easy to fold up, put in the diaper bag, and go anywhere (even Teddy likes it).

DIY Mama: Felt Baby Booties


Although we may or may not have a red diaper baby, we will definitely have a red bootie baby! I made five pairs of these booties today, with a few more coming. They are SO easy to make, and extremely affordable. I found the original tutorial via The Purl Bee, but made some modifications after putting together the first pair. I really loved her use of the red thread, but I have such a large back stock of blacks, whites, and grays, that I had to use them up first (also, the hardly-working-mommy-budget is quickly dwindling down).

After completing the first pair (the black ones) per the instructions via the tutorial, I was pleased with how they turned out, but wanted a little more personality, especially sincphotoforvectore I was not using funky thread. I also found that I liked the booties more if I turned them inside out after sewing on the soles so the thread was not showing. I also ended up adding buttons to some of the booties (although unnecessary function-wise, they are cute accessories).

I’ve also been working on a ton of sewing projects. After I finish this next big one, I am going to upload a batch post of all the projects. I’ve also been drawing a bit more (see self-portrait to the left), and starting up the plans of launching my own business this year! 2015 is going to be a year of many BIG changes for myself and our family, and I can’t be more excited.

Miscellaneous Mutterings: Knit Wit and Zucchini

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Exciting knitting news! I just put two-and-two together that Knit Wit (where I have been downloading loads of patterns from online) has its storefront (literally) four block away from my apartment. They have so many amazing patterns and choices for yarn, and I can’t believe it is so close to me! I came across it when I was checking out the new Portland Food Coop. Needless to say, I bought some new goodies, and another set of projects are underway!


On an unrelated note: zucchini is one of my favorite pasta-alternatives. It’s so quick and easy to peel with a vegetable peeler, and you don’t have to worry about gluten, carbs, etc—you’re just eating more yummy, healthy veggies—actually it’s a fruit, believe it or not! If you are interested in some health benefits of zucchini and info, look here.

More to come: An (amateur) cost-benefit analysis of shopping at the new Portland Food Coop vs. Whole Foods AND results from an artist-idol scavenger hunt.