DIY Mama: Felt Petal Pillow with Upcycled Sweater

Now that we’ve moved into our new apartment, and things are beginning to come together, I have been on an accent pillow kick. Whether or not this is going to come back and bite me is still up for debate, but I am at least having fun in the meantime! I’ve had an old cable knit sweater that I used to wear all the time, but sadly have not worn in years—it was just old, kind of sad, and tattered. I saved it in the hopes that one day I would bring it back to life again in another, happier form. A few felt squares were laying around in my fabric stash, and I thought they would make a perfect pairing to the sweater—so many textures! I now present to you, in all its rebirth and glory, my favorite old cable knit sweater:


A few pops of color and snips of the scissors, and we now have our blooming Springtime pillow to cuddle up with on the couch.


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